dear dope chick

dear dope chick™ nursing mother affirmation cards

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Image of dear dope chick™ nursing mother affirmation cards Image of dear dope chick™ nursing mother affirmation cards

during various points in your journey, breastfeeding can be mentally, physically, + emotionally challenging. let's transform your experience into a dope one!

filled with affirmations centered around breastfeeding + knowing your milk is enough, these cards are perfect for nursing moms to carry as everyday reminders that they are (indeed) superwomen! after all, dope chicks who breastfeed have the juice - well, the milk!

place your dope cards on your nightstand + draw from the deck for an early morning positivity session. these can easily fit into your diaper bag, your wallet, your pocket, your notebook, your lunchbox or could even function as a bookmark in your current read!

whether you shuffle your deck daily or pass them out to other dope chicks, our encouragement + affirmation cards are sure to shock your mind into thinking dope thoughts, light some fire under your ass + fill you with gratitude. if you believe you can do dope things, then dope things you will do!

dope for:
daily pickings + readings
on-the-go inspiration + motivation

these 2.0" x 3.5" encouragement cards are printed on high quality paper made with sustainable materials.